Our artificial lawn planner will help you to calculate how much artificial grass you will need and which ancillary items will be needed for a successful installation with minimum of waste.

1 Square is equal to 1 Square Metre

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  • Measure the dimensions of the lawn areas you wish to cover (preferably in Metres) and plot it onto a blank sheet of squared paper. You can save the grid image below to your computer and print it.
  • The artificial grasses are supplied in 4 Metre roll widths and upto 25 Metres on a roll. Some grasses are also in 2 Metre width rolls. Work out which is the most effective way to lay the rolls ensuring the all the sections run in the same direction to give a constant finish.
  • The length of the join between sections determines the length of the joining tape needed and a tube of adhesive is required for each 3 Metres of tape.
  • We recommend that a weed membrane is laid under the artificial lawn, it is only available in 4 Metre width rolls but can be laid in any direction and simply overlapped to form a join.